Culmstock Parish Council Agenda Tuesday 17th Feb 2015





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TO ALL COUNCILLORS:  You are hereby summoned to a Parish Council Meeting on Tuesday, 17 February 2015 at 7pm in the Village Hall.   The Agenda is detailed below.                                         

                                         Sue Squire, Parish Clerk, 12 February 2015.   


Councillor J Berry, Chairman of Mid Devon District Council will be present to address the Council.


Vacancies on the Parish Council. At the time of preparing the Agenda, no letters of application to be co-opted had been received.

Subsequent to Councillor Oliver Stamp being co-opted at the last Meeting, he has found it necessary to resign due to an unexpected workload.





Declarations of Interest.



Approval of the Minutes of the Meeting held on 20/1/15. 



Planning & Planning Correspondence.

5.1  At the time of preparing the Agenda, there were no Planning Applications to consider.

5.2  Planning Correspondence: 

To note the following MDDC Decision Notices:

  • Approval for 14/02100/LBC – Listed Building Consent for internal and external works including installation of replacement front door, 3 windows and 1 extended window at Silver Street Farm, Prescott.
  • Change of Use Acceptance for 14/02091/PNCOU – prior notification for the change of use of agricultural building to 2 dwellings under Class MB (a), land and buildings at Woodgate, Culmstock.

To note that Planning Application 14/01984/MFUL, solar farm at Redhill Farm, Burlescombe for which an informal response was submitted by this Parish Council, went before the Planning Committee on 11/2/15.

To note that Planning Application 14/01932/MFUL, solar farm at Wiseburrow Farm, Burlescombe went before the Planning Committee on 11/2/15.

At the time of preparing the Agenda, the decision was not showing on MDDC website.


5.3  MDDC.  Local Plan Review Proposed Submission & Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) Draft Charging Schedule Consultation. The public consultation is being held between 9/2/15 & 30/3/15.


5.4  MDDC.  Changes to Planning Obligations.  A further reminder has been sent for a clarification requested to the letter dated 3/12/14.



Democratic Period.   Parishioners are reminded that representations should not exceed a period of 3 minutes.


Matters Arising:

  • Councillor Bass to confirm he has written to the person who original made representations in connection with use of maintain bikes on Blackdown Common.
  • Plaque on Culmstock War Memorial. To note there has been further correspondence from Mr Gill and that he has an appointment with the Chairman with a view to concluding the matter.
  • Sweet Chestnut Trees in Great Close. MDDC have been requested to inspect and deal with the trees.
  • Draft Community Roads Warden Scheme. This item has been brought forward as a permanent item on the Agenda for the time being.  The Clerk was in the process of writing to the various Parish Councils in this regard.
  • Section 106 Funding.  Councillor Miss Jones to advise on the present position.
  • Emergency Plan.  Councillor Hare to report.
  • First World War Listing.  The relevant information has been supplied by former Councillor Stamp and the Clerk is making arrangements for it to be passed to the War Memorials Trust.
  • Culmstock Website.  Mr S Bramley is willing to continue putting the Parish Council Agenda and Minutes on the site.
  • Maintenance Contract. It has been ascertained that the Contract expires in November 2016.


Reports will be given by or on behalf of the following:

8.1  Police.

8.2  County Councillor R Radford

8.3  District Councillor G Hughes

8.4  P3.  Mr M Barrow

8.5  Blackdown Hills Parish Network.  Dr C Bass

8.6  Highways. Councillor G Bass.

8.7  Councillor G Bass – Community Payback Scheme.  An update to be given.




9.1  Balances:  Treasurer's Account & Business Instant Access Account. To be tabled.

Budgetary figures for January 2015 will be forwarded to Councillors ahead of the Meeting to study.


9.2  To consider a request for a donation from the Blackdown Support Group.  A copy of the latest set of accounts has been submitted to comply with Audit Commission criteria.


9.3  Payments:

To agree the following payments:

Mrs S Squire                                                   February Salary net of PAYE                £188.28

                                                                         Contribution towards Broadband          £    1.50

                                                                         Photocopying                                        £    9.45

                                                                         Mileage                                                 £  22.00

Shared contribution for Preparing for Elections course fee, petrol & parking                £    4.55                             £225.78                          

HMRC                                                              February PAYE                                                                               £  47.00

Mr M Barrow                                  Reimbursement for items in connection with the Parish Paths Partnership    £  26.47

The Play Inspection Company    Annual Inspection of Play Area                                                                        £102.00

Culmstock Village Hall                 Hire of Hall for Meetings on 21/10/14 and 18/11/14                                        £  20.00

Blackdown Support Group          Donation                                                                                              £To be agreed


9.4  Bank Mandate. This is in the process of being dealt with.


9.5  TAP (Town & Parish) Fund. To note that the amount of £760.00 has been credited to the Parish Council’s Bank Account.


9.6  Higher Level Stewardship Agreement.  To note that a further request for the annual payment of £1,250 has been sent to Mr Bartlett.


9.7  Water Supply at the Cemetery.  The Clerk has been in correspondence with South West Water regarding the installation of a water meter to obviate paying two payments per year amounting to £229.60 as it is considered this sum is far higher than the actual amount of water used.

The installation cost is £154.00 + VAT (reclaimable). There would be some small roadworks directly over the present stop-cock as this is where the meter would have to go. The Clerk will suggest that this money saving initiative is implemented.


Compliance.  To consider the adoption / review of the following:  (documents will be sent separately to Councillors)

  • Statement of Internal Control. This is a new audit item for 2015
  • Policies:  Equal Opportunity, Grant Giving, Complaints
  • Freedom of Information Act Publication Scheme
  • Financial Risk Assessment
  • Standing Orders and in connection with this, a model Filming Protocol Policy as a result of new recent regulations
  • Financial Regulations
  • Asset Register



Correspondence.     Notices and Publications will be available to read.

11.1  DCC Highways. Road closure notice from 17/3/15 – 23/3/15 at Culmstock Road, Uffculme for footway works.  Councillor Bass has posted the details on some notice boards to give advance warning to road users.

11.2  MDDC.  Enquiry from the Housing Services Manager regarding an exchange at Linhay Close.

11.3  Natural England. Email regarding Blackdown and Sampford Common SSSI (Site of Special Scientific Interest).  To note that Councillor Bass is in contact with the Lead Adviser of Natural England’s Somerset & Blackdowns Conservation Team in this regard.

11.4  Blackdown Hills Parish Network.  AONB Planning Workshop for Parish Councils. Thursday, 19.3.15, 10am – 3pm at Yarcombe Village Hall.  Details have been forwarded to Councillors for studying.


Items raised by the Chairman/Councillors/Clerk.

12.1  Mrs S Squire, Parish Clerk will provide a written Report on her attendance at a ‘Preparing for Elections’ Training Course organised by the Devon Association of Local Councils.

12.2  To note that Mrs S Squire, Parish Clerk, is attending a Town & Parish Clerk’s Meeting organised by MDDC on 4/3/15 at Crediton.



Next Meeting:  Tuesday, 17 March 2015 in the Village Hall at 7pm.

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